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Fantastic Mr. Fox

July 8, 2011

1.Book Analysis

In the book version, “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, the main theme is survival.  Each night Mr. Fox has to provide dinner for his children.  He asks his wife what she wants for dinner each night and each night he goes and kills their dinner.  Once the farmers become aware that they’re being robbed, they set out to destroy the Fox.  They become so obsessed with saving their farms and their own livelihood that they don’t care about the survival of any of the creatures in the woods.  Mr. Fox remains obsessed with providing for his family and surviving that he continues to outfox the farmers. The difference between the book and the film version is that in the book Mrs. Fox encourages Mr. Fox’s wily ways.  In the film version, she continuously tells him that stealing isn’t  a good idea.

2.Film Analysis

In the film version of “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, the main theme is tolerating differences.  We see this throughout the film as Ash continuously tries to find a way to please his father.  We also see this when Ash doesn’t accept his cousin because he’s different from him.  At the end of the film, Ash apologizes to his cousin for the way he treats him throughout the film and promises to treat him better.  We also see his father telling Ash that it’s OK that he’s different and that he loves him the way he is.

3. Internet Research

This link is a fabulous interview with Wes Anderson and his role in the filming process.  In the interview his wife also talks about how this movie came to be.  It shows how Anderson stayed in Dahl’s home and replicated the furniture in the movie based on Dahl’s world.  It’s a fun interview with a little behind the scenes footage.

This site is the official site of Dahl.  It’s a fun site for fans with games for kids relating to books of his.  The site also has great tips for teacher’s using Dahl’s books in their classrooms.  Finally, there is a color wheel to spin to take you to different Dahl books.  It’s a fun and interactive site.

This final site is an insight into the world of Dahl and how his stories came to be.  Many of his stories reflect his own life or situations that were part of his life.  Many of his stories though made for children were often censored for their dark side.  More information about his books turned to films can be found on this site.

4. Critical Analysis Question

The film introduces a character not present in the book: the son of Mr. Bean, who is always seen stuffing his face and watching TV. How does this character compare/contrast with other characters from Roald Dahl adaptations (such as Mike TV and Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)?

In the film “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, the character of Mr. Bean’s son has similar characteristics to Mike TV and Augustus Gloop in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”  One of the main similarities is that each of them is a glutton.  For example, Mike TeeVee dislikes chocolate but is addicted to television.  He is so addicted that he wants very much to become part of the television and then does.  Augustus Gloop likes candy but especially loves chocolate.  He becomes so obsessed with eating chocolate that he is eventually taken away in a tube after falling into a chocolate river.  Mr. Bean’s son is Gloop and TeeVee combined.  In every scene he is sitting in front of the television while stuffing his face with food.  Another similarity is their disregard for others.  Gloop and TeeVee are rule breakers and refuse to listen to Willie Wonka because by doing so they will not get what they want.  Mr. Beans’ son doesn’t outright disobey anyone but he has no regard for the situation between his father and the fox and laughs at the sight of his father wearing Mr. Fox’s tail as a tie.


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  1. Very good, as usual, particularly the argument paragraph. 10/10.

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