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Bride and Prejudice

June 14, 2011

1-Film Analysis

Some of the main movie themes are love, marraige, and family values.  Throughout the movie, the parents are trying to find husbands for their daughters.  The parents want their daughters to not only be happy but to find that happiness by finding someone with money.  The 2nd oldest daughter Lalita and Jaya are interested in marraige as well but are not willing to give up their family values or the idea of love simply for the love of money.  Lalita soon falls in love with William Darcy but is turned off by his “imperialistic ways” because of his inability to embrace the traditions of Amritsar.

2-Book  Analysis

There are many themes that occur throughout the book “Pride and Prejudice.”  Some of the obvious themes are in the title Pride-Darcy is proud of his place in society and thinks anyone not in his social circle should be scorned.  Prejudice-this goes hand in hand with Darcy’s misconceptions about people outside of his social circle.  In order for Darcy to accept Elizabeth as a suitable wife for him, he must first lose the prejudice ideas that she is beneath him based on societal ideas.

Women and marraige is a major theme in the book.  When Austen wrote this book, women rarely married for love.  Women married to gain financial security.  In the novel, there are 5 Bennett daughters that the mother is desperate to marry off.  At a ball each of the daughters attend, the eldest daughter Jane makes a connection with Mr. Bingly.  At this same ball Mr. Darcy notices Elizabeth but she thinks him arrogant and refuses to fall for his good looks.  Throughout the rest of the novel, there are many love connections.  Some are for financial gain (Lucas/Collins) and others for love (Jane/Bingley) and eventually Elizabeth and Darcy.  While Darcy will bring financial gain to Elizabeth, their connection is based on love that occurs after much courting.

3. Online Reserch

This is a fan tribute video to Aishwarya.  The music is from Casting Crowns “Who am I.”  It’s beautifuly pieced together to capture the movie.

This site is one dedicated to fun facts and quizzes about Bride and prejudice.

This is a fun website (blog) about Jane Austin.  The blog includes a history section and one can read about the regency era.  There is a whole section for teacher/students about Jane Austin including articles and biographical information.  There are also links to all things associated with Austin’s books.  For example, under the novel section one can look under pride and prejudice and find study guides, screenplay examples, scripts, and blogs

4. Critical Analysis Question

In musicals, the viewer needs to suspend disbelief (such as when people in the street spontaneously burst into song and dance) in order to enter the world of the story. Were you able to do this while watching Bride and Prejudice? Why or why not?

I really enjoy  bollywood films and their over the top singing and dancing.  In bollywood films the actors usually sing about everything and I think it’s fun and a little silly.  I didn’t actually know the story “Pride and Prejudice” prior to watching the film but was able to understand the storyline despite the fact that there was a song in every other frame.  I think movies like this are an acquired taste.  I love musicals so for me I always look for the story around the music or within the song.  My favorite song had to be life without wife.  It made fun of the expectations of a traditional wife and so it made the story lighter.  In Austin’s novel women’s roles were not looked at so lightly but that was part of what the director was trying to convey.


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  1. Good analysis of the film and book, and interesting online research links. I will say however that your argument paragraph is a little too informal, and not much of an argument. Try coming up with a strong thesis statement before writing your argument paragraph. 9/10.

    Joseph Byrne

    • OK sorry about the thesis statement. That’s whate happens when you type at night I guess-all rules are forgotten. Thanks for the feedback on this and The Hours. I have a feeling on Adaptation there will be no thesis statement either.

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