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Sherlock Holmes

June 11, 2011

Number 1-Themes of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes’ main theme included a depiction of Holmes as having an obsessive-compulsive disorder.  In one scene Holmes is playing different pitches with his violin to show the different patterns the flies make depending on the pitch being played.  He claims to have been at that for the past 6 hours.  One film technique Ritchie uses has already been discussed in this class.  Ritchie shows how a clever mind takes the time to think things through at a slow pace.  Then without skipping a beat, the scene is repeated in real-time.  This process further highlights Holme’s obsessive-compulsive disorder and how his mind works.

Number 2-Book Themes

In the story “The Mazarine Stone”, the main theme is how Sherlock Holmes is working on a serious case.  When working on any case, he believes that depriving his body food will allow him to focus better on the job at hand.  While Holmes in the film version is well-trained in Martial Arts, the Holmes in the book makes it very clear that he does not approve of violence.  Another theme of this story is Holmes ability to be a master of disguises.  In this story he has dressed in several disguises and he has created a wax figure of himself in order to fool the nosey neighbors.  In the end he is able to catch his “prey” when they are unaware of the secret doors his home possesses.

Number 3-Websites!/group.php?gid=66076187813

This is a fan site one has to join to access it.  It has about 30 fans only but the site has photos, a discussion board, and movie information

This is fun video made by a fan.  The site has movie clips and is played to Breaking Benjamin’s “I will not bow.”  They did a great job with this song and the clips they used.

This site is really fun.  It’s not only related to the movie but is related to everything Sherlock Holmes.  You can find Sherlockian quotes on this site as well as games and news.  There is a discussion forum as well where fans can share their thoughts.  Fans can also add a tweet from this site so if one is interested in learning the back history along with current Sherlock information this is a great site to visit.

4-Critical Analysis Question

How does Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes compare, as a reboot, with Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland? Do they follow the same pattern, or does Ritchie do some things differently?

Both Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland are similar to begin with in that both have so many versions of them it’s hard to know which is the original.  Obviously, we know what the originals are but every person doesn’t always grow up with that original version.  When Tim Burton and Guy Ritchie  decided to do a film, it was based on their memories and how they saw the characters.  Tim Burton, was only familiar with the Disney version and didn’t really enjoy anything out there.  He worked closely with Linda Woolverton to create a version that told a story with the graphics and imagery.  As for Guy Ritchie, he wrote his film based on his memory of the Doyle files of Sherlock Holmes.  He interpreted the movie as he remembered it but then changed it so it could be a great box office hit.

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  1. Nice job. I particularly appreciated the online research links.


    Joseph Byrne

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