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Tristram Shandy 4

June 6, 2011

The producers of the film-within-the-film seemed obsessed with battle scenes and love stories. How is this a send-up of Hollywood-style entertainment films.

Hollywood style entertainment films are obsessesed with love stories and huge battle scenes.   Most  hollywood big box office films are backed financially only when they’re guaranteed to bring in mass audiences.  Hollywood producers and film directors try to lure audiences in with movie trailers that show something blowing up or by creating a dramatic love scene.  In the film, Winterbottom depicts this hollywood obessession by having the producers in the film spend many hours on creating the perfect battle scene.  Their obsession becomes so over the top they fail to notice the inaccuracies of costumes and dialogue.   Often times, these inaccuracies occur in real films when movie dierectors and producers bypass accuracy in exchange for a box office hit.

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